You had the sinking feeling in high school and college that all your potential love interests gravitated toward your edgier (albeit douchier) buddies. But surely adult women want to be dating mature guys who are genuine, sincere, and loyal, right? Right?!

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That’s the question presented by the dating app Clover in its latest survey, dubbed “Angels vs. Devils” to coincide with the season premiere of Lucifer. Because Clover connects men and women over common interests via topic-based group chats (called “mixers”), the app can loosely categorize its users into two categories: “nice guys,” who focus on stuff like “volunteering,” “family,” and “honesty,” and the awkwardly named category of “bad boys,” who opt for stereotypical symbols of badassery like tattoos, motorcycles, and hookups.

Yeah, there are some obvious limitations to the survey. Plenty of quality dudes have tattoos, and plenty of assholes wear three-piece suits and say they’re committed to their family. It’s a dating app, not a broad-spectrum personality survey. But with all that being said, here’s the results from Clover, based on statewide surveys and guys’ interests.

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