What do most men look for in the woman of their dreams? Although ample breasts, comely legs, and a superior behind may spring to mind (not necessarily in that order, or accompanied by such polite terminology), a Cambridge professor believes that men searching for a soul mate actually aim a little bit higher.

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According to David Bainbridge, Ph.D., author of the new book Curvology: The Origins and Power of Female Body Shape, the qualities men are biologically predisposed to desire in a soul mate are:

1) Intelligence, so she’ll be a capable and responsible parent, and also pass that intelligence down to offspring

2) Symmetry, since a symmetrical face and body aren’t only more attractive, they also indicate genetic stability (and larger breasts are more apt to be asymmetrical)

3) Youth, so she’ll be fertile longer

4) Body shape, as women with curvier bodies are biologically proven to be bearers of healthier children.

Of course, sometimes the girl with the lopsided boobs will do just fine, Professor Bainbridge concedes. “Humans have sex for all sorts of ‘non-procreative’ reasons, and it’s entirely possible that men may value intelligence less” in those situations, he explains. “There’s good evidence that men seek different things depending on how long a relationship they’re planning.”

To which we say: Viva la difference!