Ali Landry is possibly the hottest girl to ever distract you from the Super Bowl, which is exactly why we asked her about what to do when your woman gets in the way of the Big Game. Here, she answers three of your questions about tuning in with your girlfiend. With Landry's help, your relationship should survive past Sunday.

Q: My girlfriend's not into the Super Bowl. How can I make her see the glory of the big game?

A: Well, one, you can't be too pushy about it. If she agrees to sit by your side, appreciate that. And if she's not doing a cheer and jumping for joy, don't assume that means she's not into it. Let her do it in her own way. At the same time, a little encouragement can't hurt—just don't overdo it. Show appreciation that she's doing something you want her to do. And if your girlfriend needs a little more excitement, a bet is always a good way to keep things interesting. Unless she's not that kind of girl!

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Q: What if she's asking me a million questions during the game?

A: It's all about giving her the rundown up front, so she knows what to expect. That's why you should actually have a pre-game review where you give her a little background—tell her about the two teams, who your favorite players are, what they've done in the past. That way, when she's watching the game, she's already a little invested, and she feels like you're letting her in on something really important to you. Showing her why you care gives her a reason to care, and that will make it more fun for her. 

It also helps to explain to her what kind of guy you are when you watch sports, like "FYI, I get a little wild" or "I get really upset when something bad happens, so don't take it personally if I get mad." Girls can get a little thrown off by how intense guys get about sports, especially when it's out of nowhere and they've never seen it before. You don't want to scare her off!

But if she's actually sitting down and watching the game with you, you should have enough respect to answer her questions. If you really can't handle distractions, just let her know ahead of time. Nicely say something like: "I really want to talk to you about the game, but I like to talk during breaks so I am focused on our conversation."

Q: How do I make my Super Bowl party more girl-friendly?

A: Food is important, and I think it's always nice to have a meal as well. Do all your chips and your dips and all those fun things—and of course you have drinks flowing—but it's also nice to have real food. People get tired of just munching, especially after the game or during halftime. I always think of gumbo as a great option because it's really easy to make, it feeds a lot of people, and it's really good. So yeah, that would be my game-day food suggestion.

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About the Hot Girl: Ali Landry is an actress and model whose first iconic commercial as a Doritos spokesperson aired during the 1998 Super Bowl, turning her into a household name overnight. She is revisiting this campaign during the 2013 Super Bowl by headlining the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest.