Headed to some fun parties over the next few days? If you're looking to possibly leave with a lady friend, we've got you covered. Dating coach Nick Savoy has got some expert tips for hitting it off with a woman at a gathering tonight.

Never Ask Two Questions in a Row

Keep the biographical questions to a minimum. Asking mundane questions about hometowns is boring and adds little to the conversation. You’ll be amazed at how interesting—and different—you are to women when you’re not interviewing them.

Meet Everyone

Including guys, and act like it’s your party. Ask if everyone’s having fun. Introduce people. Get girls’ phone ­numbers. Around 1 a.m. send a mass text to the girls you’ve met: “Are you still here?” Women who are interested in you will respond. If they’re still at the bar, good luck to you.

Use Your Wingman

Your buddy can say stuff that you can’t, like how awesome you are. Best of all, he can pretend that he has to leave early, which is when you ask the girl you’re talking to if she wouldn’t mind keeping you company for a little longer, or maybe even giving you a lift to your place. 

Nick Savoy is a master instructor with Love Systems, which offers dating coaching for men, and the author of Magic Bullets and It’s Your Move.