Guys cheat for lots of reasons—opportunity, horniness, or even simple boredom. Women are more discerning. We primarily cheat for one reason—we’re looking for closer emotional connection than what we’re currently getting. We’re also much better at covering our tracks. Finding out if your wife or girlfriend is cheating is tough but not impossible, says Ruth Houston, founder of “Although the rate of female infidelity has increased by 50% in the past decade, no cheater can get by without displaying a few signs.” Spot two of more of these red flags and you may be in trouble. Unhappiness Female infidelity is directly related to her dissatisfaction with the relationship,” Houston says. Listen for complaints about your relationship—they’re a sure warning sign. Something New “A drastic diet, a new haircut, or different clothes; a change in her behavior, or eating habits; a difference in your sex life or the way she smells or tastes; suspicious cell phone and computer behavior—if she’s cheating, you’ll find a cluster of these signs,” Houston says. Even her conversation can be a sign. Is she suddenly talking politics, listening to new music, or reading different books? she may have picked them up from someone else. She’s M.I.A. Look for unexplained absences or a dramatic shift in her routine. If you don’t know her schedule well, then you might miss them. ‘He’ Disappears “Women rarely cheat with total strangers,” Houston says. “When all of a sudden a guy’s name you’re used to hearing drops from her conversation, you’ve got a problem.” Fast Fact Of adults in monogamous relationships, 22 percent admit to cheating at least once.