1. Scenario: You show up at the restaurant and there’s a half-hour wait.
Solution: Slip the hostess $20 and impress your date with your VIP status.
Cost: $20
She rates the move: 10

2. Scenario: The waiter hands you the wine list and asks you for your order.
Solution: Ask her to choose. If she’s a good sport, she’ll narrow it down to two. Then order the more expensive of the two.
Cost: $20-$25
She rates the move: 7

3. Scenario: She’s staring at the menu and can’t seem to decide between the calamari and the Caesar salad.
Solution: Spring for both. She’ll be doubly impressed with your generosity.
Cost: $12-$17
She rates the move: 8

4. Scenario: You drive her home after the date.
Solution: Instead of just dumping her off, park the car, walk her to the door, and kiss her on the doorstep.
Cost: $0
She rates the move: 7

5. Scenario: You wake up at her place, and her dog’s gotta go, but she’s in the shower.
Solution: Take him out for a leak so she can have the extra minutes to get ready.
Cost: $0
She rates the move: 9

Note: Subtlety is key. Rather than stand there and beam like an idiot after doing your good deed, shrug humbly and mutter, “No problem.” Don’t worry about her noticing-she always does.