It’s plain and simple. Men want to know what women want. And turns out, the secret to solving that mystery may be as straightforward as logging some quality snooze time. 

A study at Hendrix College in Arkansas rated male and female college students' general interest in commitment,  sex, and their intent to have sex in different scenarios, like when a man and a woman meet at a bar. The researchers found what you'd expect from both genders: In general, women wanted commitment before sex and men were more likely to want sex regardless of love.

But things got more interesting when sleep–or lack thereof–was thrown into the mix. Well-rested male study participants seemed to understand a woman's intent to have sex, but sleep-deprived guys were clueless. Men instructed to stay awake all night gauged women's interest in and intent to have sex as being about equal to their own. Women carried the same views on sex and commitment between genders whether they were sleep-deprived or not.

The bottom line: sleep-deprived guys think that women want them. So, if you've got plans to stay on top of your game and truly figure out what she's thinking, get a full night of rest before Friday or Saturday night. Need some help? Here's our best advice on catching more Zs: