By now, you’ve surely heard about the “dad bod”. Men’s midsections haven’t been the topic of so many conversations since…maybe ever. But how do women really feel about the fad? Do they want their men to have some pudge (lookin’ at you, Leo), or are they hell-bent on the cut, chiseled look? And how many women are divided in the middle—indifferent or content with whatever size their partner’s body may be?

We went to the source—100 women—to get to the bottom of this seemingly bottomless debate. Here’s the breakdown, and some of our favorite quotes:

“I only go after guys with dad bods.” – 15

“Sure, why not?” – 23

“Maybe, but it’s not something I look for.” – 24

“Absolutely not.” – 38

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While about 50% of women are indifferent, only 15% exclusively date men with a “dad bod”. And 38% of women want their guys in tip-top shape. So, continue checking for tips, workouts, recipes—and more.

“If I get to know someone and begin liking them, part of that first attraction doesn’t usually involve what their stomach looks like. If the dad bod is hiding under that shirt, so be it. It makes it easier to not have a perfect female body, too, when your s/o has a dad bod.” -Sara H

“I mean, sure it looks good on Chris Pratt and Leonardo DiCaprio, but for now I’ll appreciate dad bods from afar.” – Marlene A.

“A dad bod is not something that would initially attract me to a guy, but it definitely wouldn’t deter me from him.” – Sam A.

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“I love a man with a little something extra to hold onto. If you’re smaller than I am, I tend to feel ‘big’ and that’s just no bueno. I don’t specifically seek out ‘dad bods,’ but I definitely don’t mind it. Plus, it makes the hugs extra squeezy!” -Kari C.

“I care more about personality than looks, and if you’re not super-buff, you probably have interests outside of working out/yourself.” – B.R.

“I like guys who can take care of themselves. Sexier if that means they’re fit, but it’s not about being physically perfect to be attractive.” – Hannah R.

“It is yet another reason for even more people to discard good nutrition and exercise habits. Also, women would never be applauded for ‘mom bods,’ why do men get the easy way out?” – Lea M.

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“Usually means they don’t take care of themselves or care about health and fitness, which I prioritize.” – Caroline D.

“Sexy and real.” – Britt F.

“If you’re lazy with a dad bod, no thank you. But if you have a dad bod and you’re into fitness/healthy lifestyle, then OK.” – Christina S.

“I really would rather have a guy be larger than me than be pre-pubescent looking. I think that would qualify as an occasional supporter of dad bods.” -Kristen S.

“I’m all about someone that wants to eat ice cream with me at 2 a.m. but still cares about physical appearance—mostly because I feel like I would have a dad bod if I were a guy.” – Katherine T.

“Give me a Greek god bod, or give me death.” – Caitlyn H.

“I don’t care if you aren’t into lifting or crushing whey protein shakes twice a day. To be honest, super-ripped guys are kind of intimidating. I guess I would say my ideal is somewhere between a beer belly and washboard abs.” – Danielle S.