Women can be picky. Many have an ideal height and build in mind, the “right” profession, and want a sparkling personality to go along with it. But you know all this. What you might not know is she’s secretly (or not so secretly) judging your footwear. Flip flops. They seem harmless enough. But what do women really think?

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Out of 100 women—71 said yay, and 29 said nay. Great, right? Well, while the vast majority of women are okay with you rocking flip flops, they have very particular preferences when it comes to the groomingstyle and appropriateness that goes along with it. And those against the casual footwear are hell-bent on not seeing your feet. Ever. 

Here are some of the best responses:

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“Fine in certain situations, especially ok in Florida. I don’t love jeans and flip flops but definitely ok in a casual situation and definitely ok with shorts.”

“I only like when guys wear masculine flip flops that are brown leather or suede.”

“Yes, because they’re practical, not because I want to see a man’s feet.” 

“In a beachy setting, sure. If they’re leathery and worn in like Rainbows, not weird rubbery ones.” 

“It depends in what context… on a first date or in a bar, NO! But in socal, flip flops are definitely part of the fashion culture.”

“Nay to guys in flip flops. It just looks weird(ish) to me.”