You’ve got game you don’t even know about. For real. There are times you’re seriously turning her on and don’t even realize it.

That’s because women aren’t solely turned on by the obvious triggers. Things that may seem completely off-target, non-sexual, maybe even a little odd—like watching you go through your morning routine—can make her more attracted to you. We don’t want you getting a complex or anything, thinking everything you do and say is slaying the ladies; but you might want to pay a bit more attention.

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1. “Seeing a guy reading a book and wearing thick square glasses…wow.” – Maddy Q. 

2. “Having a great conversation with a guy who has nice teeth and a great smile. How can that not get a woman?” – Nickole E. 

3. “Watching a guy fix something and being handy gets me going.” – Alexandra A.

4. “I love athletic guys, so watching him play sports is a turn on.” – Tara I. 

5. “A guy talking excitedly about something he’s passionate about instantly draws me to him.” – Laura M.

6. “I love watching a guy play with little kids. Seeing that nurturing side is a turn on.” – Erica M. 

7. “I love when I spot a book next to a guy’s bed—that “hot dudes reading” Instagram is on to something.” – Julia P.

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8. “Whether it’s a stranger or someone I’m with, watching a guy work out and break a sweat is so damn hot.” – Melissa G. 

9. “Watching a guy get dressed is so sexy. It can be jeans and a t-shirt or a full suit—doesn’t matter.” – Brianne W.

10. “When I catch a guy just looking at me, smiling, while I’m talking.” – Nora C.

11. “I love to see a man in a suit… with a crisp white button down.” – Allison K.

12. “I’m insanely turned on by guys who have strong relationships with their friends and family.” – Anne E. 

13. “A guy with amazing manners is always a turn on.” – Raquel J.

14. “I went out with an FBI agent once and that career surprisingly turned me on.” – Kacy M.  

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15. “Kind of odd, but guys who own big dogs always attract me. Shows you can take care of someone (and something) other than yourself.” – Miranda F.

16. “Definitely intelligence. The more you know about something and the less I don’t, the better.” – Sasha Q. 

17. “Ooh, a man in a clean, non-dressy white button down with the top two buttons unbuttoned. Swoon.” – Kara H. 

18. “You know what’s a turn on, guys? Adoring a girl and being decent to her. Seems to be fewer and fewer men who are genuinely interested in treating a woman right these days.” – Janine W.

19. “I’m turned on by a guy who can read the signs, know I’m into him, and be affectionate without being too handsy. Put your hand on my back and lean into my ear if we’re talking in a noisy restaurant or bar. I’ll be dying for you to touch me more.”  – Molly H. 

20. “If a guy has an amazing sense of humor—he’s sarcastic and witty without being obnoxious—I’m done for.” – Stephanie R.