Some of you half-heartedly scroll through dozens (even hundreds) of women’s profiles like a sport, chatting up a few for a day before interest peters out, then you move on to the next.

But, we know that also among you thumb jockeys there are some guys actually hoping the swiping will lead to something more serious. If this sounds like you, this data from Hinge should interest you. The dating app analyzed its users’ profiles—weeding through the superficial swipers who rely on looks alone and those who share details to see what exactly leads to more conversations and dates.

For starters, people who share anything about themselves are 48 percent more likely to spark someone to start a conversation. So if your profile is blank, fix it. But, be strategic. Check out what is the least and most effective:

Profiles that lead to the most conversations include:

– Self-deprecation: Sounds weird—like it would be a turnoff—but people like it if you rib on yourself a bit. In fact, it ups your convo rate by 4%. Include something like, “the worst idea I’ve ever had was…”, since it can open the floor to tons of followup questions and give insight into your personality.
– Confessions: We’re not telling you to air your dirty laundry, but share some lighthearted admissions to jump your odds up 59%. Include something like “two truths and a lie.”
– Spontaneity: Time and time again, men and women say this is one of the most desirable character traits. It’s so powerful, it can raise your rate of conversations and dates by 139%. Include what’s on your bucket list or where you want to travel to next.

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Profiles that lead to the fewest conversations include:

– Family dynamics: You may think it’s cool you’re a third generation “James” but women don’t need to know the details of your family tree just yet. Including this tidbit can dock you 44%.
– Date hints: Slow your roll. Don’t go mapping out not-so-subtle hints about the movie, restaurant, or bar you’re dying to go to. I could be seen as jumping the gun—not to mention it lowers your odds of having someone strike up a conversation by 46%.
– Self-promotion: While, yes, your dating profile is all about you, there’s a fine line between showing off your best traits and just being a show off. Surprisingly enough, saying “find me on Snapchat” drops your conversation odds by 53%.

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Conversation starters that’ll make you stand out

Most effective, yet common:
Surprising facts about you (i.e. you speak four languages, lived in Guatemala for 2 years, or almost made it to the Olympics—not that you own 3 cats.)
“I’m looking for…” (i.e. indicate what you want in a partner whether it’s someone to hike with on the weekends or binge watch everything Sylvester Stallone has ever starred in. Stray from saying you’re searching for your soul mate; even if you are, it’s a little too intense.)
Typical Sunday (i.e. are you someone who’s always active on Sundays, a guy who religiously brunches, or someone who rarely leaves his bed?)

Most effective, but unique:
Worst first date (i.e. not how this girl looked nothing like her profile pictures, but how and where things went wrong—like the waiter spilled your cocktail down the front of your pants, or all she talked about was her ex boyfriend.)
Most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done (i.e. you quit your job and went traveling around the world for a year, not how you once hijacked a car and got away with it…)

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Conversation starters that won’t catch her eye:

Least effective, most common:
What makes you happy (i.e. you love your bros, beer, and baseball; she won’t think twice about this because you’ve just described half the male population in America.)
Go-to drink order (i.e. all “whiskey on the rocks” says about you is something superficial—and that you might hit the bottle too hard if this is the only thing you thought to include.)
3 emojis that describe you (i.e. you choose a collection of silly, arbitrary symbols that might allude to your interests, but mostly come off looking childish.)

Least effective, yet unique: 
Your nicknames (i.e. everyone calls you by your last name or something completely random; again, not terrible but not terribly engaging either.)

Tweak your profile with these tips to see if the messages start rolling in…