Katrina Bowden Is a Total Smokeshow

The former "30 Rock" star talks about what it's like to appear on a five-story billboard in Times Square—while training for her second marathon.

Katrina Bowden Is a Total Smokeshow

If there’s one thing Katrina Bowden has learned in her short but prolific career, it’s that Hollywood success and marathon training don’t always mix.

“I haven’t been doing as much running as I wish,” says the 27-year-old, who first rose to fame on NBC’s beloved sitcom 30 Rock and competed in this month’s New York City Marathon for the second consecutive year. “When you’re shooting a movie, you never know when you’re going to have time,” she says.

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Unfortunately for her conditioning, Bowden’s career is full speed ahead: She’s just signed on to star in the indie thriller Monolith, about a woman whose young son gets trapped in a car in the desert (that’s right, she’s not just a comedian), and recently she played a charming and mysterious prostitute in Steven Spielberg’s ’60s-era cop drama Public Morals, which debuted on TNT in August—and whose promotional rollout included erecting a five-story billboard of her sultry countenance in NYC’s Times Square. “I definitely think the character’s like me,” she says. “Not the prostitute part, obviously! But I have a little bit of mystery and edge.”

As busy as she is, though, Bowden swears nothing’s going to stop her from lining up on Staten Island for the Nov. 1 marathon. Last year she clocked in at just over four hours; this year she managed about the same.

“You have to be dedicated,” she says. “I wake up extra early to train.”

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