If there’s one thing Katrina Bowden has learned in her short but prolific career, it’s that Hollywood success and marathon training don’t always mix.

“I haven’t been doing as much running as I wish,” says the 27-year-old, who first rose to fame on NBC’s beloved sitcom 30 Rock and competed in this month’s New York City Marathon for the second consecutive year. “When you’re shooting a movie, you never know when you’re going to have time,” she says.

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Unfortunately for her conditioning, Bowden’s career is full speed ahead: She’s just signed on to star in the indie thriller Monolith, about a woman whose young son gets trapped in a car in the desert (that’s right, she’s not just a comedian), and recently she played a charming and mysterious prostitute in Steven Spielberg’s ’60s-era cop drama Public Morals, which debuted on TNT in August—and whose promotional rollout included erecting a five-story billboard of her sultry countenance in NYC’s Times Square. “I definitely think the character’s like me,” she says. “Not the prostitute part, obviously! But I have a little bit of mystery and edge.”

As busy as she is, though, Bowden swears nothing’s going to stop her from lining up on Staten Island for the Nov. 1 marathon. Last year she clocked in at just over four hours; this year she managed about the same.

“You have to be dedicated,” she says. “I wake up extra early to train.”

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