You may remember Sarah Dumont as “Sequins” in the movie Don Jon— you know, the one at the club with the nice butt who wasn’t ScarJo. But even though it was her posterior that initially caught our attention, frankly, we’d be down to just hang out.

“I don’t like to do things most girls do,” she says. “I don’t like shopping—I find it extremely annoying. I’d rather spend my money on beer and go watch a game.” 

See what we mean?

Growing up in San Diego, Dumont intended to become a kindergarten teacher. Dropping out of high school didn’t help that cause, but it did allow her to become a professional model, for which we’re eternally grateful (we’re pretty sure none of those 5-year-olds would have realized just how good they had it).

Dumont may have passed on her plan to teach, but now the model-turned- actress is schooling a generation of Hollywood hopefuls on the meaning of hard work. This year alone, she acted in five movies and just as many TV shows. And this February she’ll step into her first leading role in a major studio film, Scouts vs. Zombies.

Dropping a few walkers shouldn’t be a problem for Dumont, who grew up shooting her dad’s rifle and, when questioned about her favorite outdoor activity, actually asked, “Does beer pong count?”

In truth, she enjoys hiking, surfing, basketball (“It’s been a rough couple of years to be a Lakers fan,” she admits), and other of life’s simpler pleasures. For example, on a first date, she says, “I don’t want to sit down at a nice restaurant. It’s sweet that you think I’m worth an expensive meal, but it also seems like you’re trying to buy your way into my pants. I’d rather play some pool or watch a game.”

She’s down-home in other ways, too—such as what she likes physically in a guy.

“I’ll take a good set of shoulders and a bit of a beer belly over a six-pack any day,” she says. “I think it’s really masculine.” Speaking of masculinity, “If a guy doesn’t have facial hair, it makes a girl feel like a lesbian,” she says. (Noted.)

Skip the shave, hit some overhead presses, and crack a few beers during a game? Count us in.

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