You know what it means when she gets that look on her face. You know what you need when you feel that tight, anticipatory longing all over your body. Sometimes you just want to get down to business. No “making love,” no extended foreplay, no fuss, no frills, you’re both just dying to get. it. started.

Here are the 15 best sex positions for hot, raunchy sex. 

Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in all things sex. 

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1. Doggystyle

Just as Missionary, an old standby, was among the winners for the best romantic sex position, Doggystyle is a clear favorite among the raunchiest sex positions. Though it’s not all that creative or new, it’s wild, intense, and animalistic. It’s also versatile; she can prop herself up on her palms or elbows to change the angle, for instance. And let’s face it—there’s nothing hotter than demanding, “get on your hands and knees.”

2. Doggy With A Prop

Try Doggystyle on a bench, staircase, or sofa for a change of scene and different angles. This is best for those times when things are so hot and heavy you can’t even make it to the bedroom. 

3. Flat-Footed Cowgirl

Lie on your back and have her climb on top of you. From there, have her rest her weight on her feet instead of on her knees. She’ll be able to bob up and down with much more vigor. This is a hard position to maintain for a long period of time (the thigh burn!), but those precious few minutes will be intense.

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4. Leaned Back Cowgirl

When she gets tired, have her lean back and rest her hands on the bed behind her. She’ll be in a crab-walk position. Tell her to spread her legs apart nice and wide so you can watch yourself slide in and out of her.

5. Reverse Cowgirl

Up the naughty factor even more by having her get on top, but facing your feet instead of your face. She leans over, resting her weight on her outstretched palms. Hold her hips and guide her at an agonizingly slow pace. You’ll be rewarded with an incredible view of all of the action. 

6. G-Spot Stroke

Start off in Missionary, then sit up so you’re resting on your knees. Have her place her left ankle on your left shoulder, and her right ankle on your right shoulder. Pull her hips into the air with your hands. You can really get into her in this position, and you’ll be sliding right along her G-spot. The rush of blood to her head from being upside down will make it all the more intense for her. 

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7. Heels Over Head

From the G-Spot Stroke, lean forward, almost to the point where you’re back in Missionary. Her legs will bend backwards (check in with her about her flexibility!). This angle can be even more exciting for both of you.

8. Crossed Legs

From G-Spot stroke, try sitting back so your butt rests on your ankles. She can keep her legs where they are, or cross them so her left ankle is on your right shoulder and her right ankle is on your left shoulder (crossing them will create an even tighter fit). There’s nothing like seeing her legs in the air as you go to town! 

9. Cannonball

If her legs start to tire from being up in the air, have her bend her knees, bring her legs together, and rest her feet on your chest (she’ll look like she’s about to do a cannonball). You’ll still be able to penetrate her deeply, and she can get feisty and push back against you with her legs. 


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10. The Face Sit

The absolute hottest oral sex position is you flat on your back, and her on her knees, hovering over your face. Use one hand to finger her vaginal canal and the other to pull back her clitoral hood. Or keep your tongue wide and flat and ask her to grind back and forth against you. 

11. Tabletop

This one requires a surface that’s at waist level for you, like a sturdy table or desk, or even a high bed. Have her lie on her back, with her feet over the edge. Stand between her legs. Hold onto her hips or shoulders for leverage.

12. Handcuffs

Tell her to flip over so her stomach is resting on the same surface (put a blanket or towel down if it’s a cold or hard table). Pull her hands back behind her and hold onto them with one or both of your hands. If you’ve got a hand free, try pulling her hair (make sure she consents and consider using a safe word). 

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13. Standing Wrap

Standing sex is pretty polarizing; you either love it or hate it. If you’re a fan, it can be fantastic for a naughty quickie. Catch her in the hall or in the closet. If you’re really feeling urgent, and she’s wearing a skirt, keep your clothes on but slide her underwear off. Have her lift up one of her legs and wrap it around your torso. It’ll be easier for you to penetrate her, and she can use her leg to hold on.

14. Legsplitter

Have her lie on her back. Get on your knees and straddle one of her thighs. Have her take the other leg and rest that ankle on your shoulder. Her legs will be completely spread, giving you easy access and a great view. 

15. Oyster

Have her lie flat on her back, and enter her like you would in Missionary. Have her bend her legs and pull them into the air, so they look like a capital-M in front of you. Rest one of your hands on the back of each of her thighs, and push her legs even further apart. You’ll get a phenomenal view and really deep penetration. 

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