Let’s face it. It doesn’t take a magician to figure out how to turn a guy on. But unless you plan on only sleeping with yourself, you have to figure out what make your girlfriend tick too. While some girls are ready to jump to it without much provocation, others take a little more time and effort.

Still lost? Our partners at HowAboutWe have helped us out by sharing a little secret: You don’t have to wait until you hit the bedroom to begin foreplay. Incorporate intimacy into your date and she’ll be wanting it before dessert. Check out 10 activities that’ll get you and your partner in bed for all the juicy details.

Sample activities:

Take a partner yoga class together. Spending time together relaxing, stretching, and letting go of the day’s stress fosters intimacy. Not to mention, yoga increases flexibility and physical confidence. Try a hot yoga class together if she’s into the idea of sweat glistening over your body.  If she’s more adventurous, try a tantric yoga workshop–a workout specifically tailored to increase passion and sexual intimacy.

Take a field trip to the sex shop. Unless she’s totally against the idea, sex shops can be fun for a variety of personalities. Whether she’s nervously giggling at strange products with you or suddenly inspired to spice things up with new toys, you can guarantee she’s thinking about sex. Ask her what she’s into and, as always, be judgment free. By the time you get home, she’ll be ready to go.

Your efforts shouldn’t stop once the clothes come off. Try these 9 positions that’ll get her off every time and rest assured that there will be a repeat session soon.