Of all the ways to have sex—in the shower, with an interactive toy and your favorite porno, in the raunchiest positions imaginable—there’s probably one you’ve never tried. We’ll bet you’ve never even heard of it.

It’s called “astral sex.” And yeah, it’s definitely no missionary position.

“Astral sex occurs when your soul leaves your body and you connect consciously with an astral being in a way that arouses you sexually and allows you to experience blissful sexual release,” says Erin Pavlina, counselor and author of The Astral Projection Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Astral Travel.

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Got all that? The concept of astral sex involves engaging in dream sex by entering a non-physical realm of existence—a space where psychic and paranormal phenomena (bet you never thought about getting down with a demon) are thought to exist, so you can engage in an out-of-body experience.

You’re not physically having sex, but astral sex creates the same intense pleasure you’d feel if you were, Pavlina says. “In fact, astral sex is usually more intense and more pleasurable than anything you can experience while in your body,” she adds.

Buckle up, and keep an open mind. Things are about to get weird.

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How to engage in astral sex

If you want to participate in astral sex, you need to learn how to consciously astral project or lucid dream. Pavlina’s book, The Astral Projection Guidebook, has detailed instructions, but “generally speaking, you have to wake up your energetic body while keeping your physical body asleep,” she says.

According to Pavlina, creating this separation requires a lot of mental practice and training. (Obviously.) Some people use meditation, repetitive affirmations, and visual cues to help spur lucid dreaming, and bring them to the transitional state between being awake and asleep called “hypnagogia.” Lucid dreaming occurs in the early stages of sleep, when sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming are most likely to happen. If you’ve ever had a particularly vivid dream in which you can control your actions, you’ve had a lucid dream.

Sleep paralysis is actually the easiest, most common way to have astral sex.

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“You’re fully conscious but trapped inside your body, and you may feel a strong tingling, vibrating sensation or hear a high-pitched noise,” Pavlina says. “This is your astral body coming awake and loosening itself from the grip of the physical.”

Once you feel these sensations, you (or, more specifically, your mind), can stretch up and come out of your body. This, Pavlina says, is what happens when you “become” astral. “You can literally look back on your bed and see your physical body lying there while you’re free to fly around the room, home, or neighborhood.”

Once out of your body, you can “adjust your frequency” to visit various “astral planes.” Some will have a higher level than where you are now, and some lower. “It’s best to head to the higher planes,” Pavlina says. “There you’ll encounter other astral beings (some human, some not) and you can engage with them.”

Still with us? We’re getting to the good part.


“With astral sex, it’s like every molecule in your body is a g-spot.”

“To have astral sex with a being, you need their consent,” Pavlina says. “Then you can merge your astral body with theirs to begin the process of energy sharing, which will either be sexual or blissful.” Again, this is a spiritual practice that takes a long time to perfect, so don’t expect to lie down in bed, and start having astral sex with someone…or something.

Those are actually the two main ways of having astral sex.

  1. With your partner. “Once you’re in the astral plane with your partner sleeping next to you in bed, you can ‘fly’ or ‘float’ over her body and see her astral body inside her physical one,” Pavlina says. “Then, you can wake her up astrally and see if she wants to leave her body to play with you on the astral plane.” This only works if you’re able to rouse her.
  2. With a celestial being. “There are many entities out there that will eagerly engage in astral sex with you,” Pavlina says. “Just be careful, and make sure they’re at a high vibration, because if you engage in sex with a lower vibrational being sometimes they steal a lot of your energy, which can leave you drained for hours or even days.”

Hey: We said it would get unusual.

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Why would someone engage in astral sex?

For starters, you can’t get an STI during astral sex, so it’s a safe and effective alternative for anyone looking to get off without worrying about catching the gonorrhea superbug or accidentally becoming a father.

Other good candidates: shy guys, those looking to expand and explore their sexual desires, and men who are just curious about a very different type of sex.

Astral sex is also good for people with disabilities who can’t engage in physical sex. “With astral sex, your energetic body is completely intact and you’re able to generate the sensation of physical pleasure even if your body is no longer capable of producing that for you,” Pavlina says.

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What does it feel like?

You have loads of nerve endings in your body, which are stimulated to produce an orgasm. “But with astral sex, it’s like every molecule in your body is a g-spot,” she says. “So when you have an orgasm, it’s like your entire being is exploding with sexual pleasure.”

Women can actually experience an orgasm, but more often than not men just wake up with rock-hard erections. So, uh, might need to give yourself a hand.

You’ll experience the feel-good buzz all over, too—it’s not localized to just your sexual organs. And your partner—if they’re not astrally on the same plane/frequency as you—will either dream they’re having hot sex with you, or just become sexually aroused.

Want to know more? Read Pavlina’s blog “Astral Sex: The Ecstacy of Out of Body Pleausure.”

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