We didn’t think March Madness meant people were really going mad, but doctors report up to a 50% jump in the number of vasectomies performed during this time of year. But there seems to be a method to the “madness.” March Madness only comes once a year, so why waste time sitting in meetings or cleaning out the garage? If only you had the perfect reason to spend three days on a couch watching your favorite teams. And men who would rather focus on their NCAA bracket than the wall brackets in the garage, are opting for a courtside ticket to Vasectomy Madness, the latest craze sweeping the country. Maybe your wife has been asking you to have this simple 10-minute procedure done for a long time. Well, now is the time to call the urologist. Don’t put off today what will let you watch basketball tomorrow. Not only are vasectomies nearly 100% effective as birth control, they also require three days of rest. Yes, three days sitting on the couch, without having to worry about meetings or garages or being away from the television. The Urology Associates of Cape Cod is even offering a free pizza with each procedure. “Can I get pepperoni with that incision?”