Now that the weather’s getting hotter, your sex life should do the same. So try taking things beyond the bedroom and into the great outdoors for a change—there’s something incredibly sexy and scandalous about doing the dirty out in the open.  But before you make the move, it’s vital to be adequately prepared. Here are eight foolproof tips every man needs to read before getting wild in the wilderness.

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1. Reach new heights. If you’re not ready to take the plunge into full-blown woods-or-beach banging, try sex on a balcony first. “It offers a balance of thrill and security. You may be visually exposed to the world, but you can always slip inside if the thrill of exhibitionism proves to be too much,” says Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., a sexologist and the author of Hot Sex Tips, Tricks, and Licks. “Get creative with the railing to try new positions and take on varied views of the world below you. If you don’t have a balcony, your backyard may be the perfect getaway—just bear in mind that you’ll always be subject to your local laws.”

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2. Think like a boy scout. Here are the three most important words to keep in mind when it comes to sex outdoors: Always. Be. Prepared. Sure, it seems obvious now, but nothing is worse than stripping down and realizing you forgot a condom—or worse yet, bug spray. “At a minimum, bring a blanket or sheet, some insect repellent if you’re in the woods, and sunblock if you’re on the beach,” says sexologist Gloria Brame, Ph.D.  “You want sweet memories to remind you of your adventure, not painful burns on your ass.”

3. Make it rain. Sex outdoors is great — but sex outdoors in the rain is better. “[As it rains], you’ll feel cool tingly sensations in places you never thought possible,” advises O’Reilly. “If the spring or summer blesses you with nothing but dry sunshine, use your imagination and get wet with your sprinkler, garden hose or do-it-yourself car wash.”

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4. Get in touch with your sense(itive) side. Dr. O’Reilly recommends taking advantage of all five senses while getting it on outdoors. She says one of the greatest draws of the experience is the ability to excite your taste, touch, sight, smell and sound. Here’s how: Slow down and take it all in—the ocean breeze or the smell of pine trees; the taste of light sweat against her skin; the heat of the sun; the sound of the ocean or wind; the flow of the rain or the rough bark of a tree against your back.

5. Keep her comfortable. If your partner isn’t completely down with the idea, bring two blankets, and use one to cover yourselves. “Someone who’s paranoid about getting caught naked will relax knowing she can hide under a blanket.  It’s a small compromise that still gives you the full outdoor experience,” says Brame.

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6. Get wet. Intrigued by the idea of pool sex? Go for it. “Sex underwater can help you to relax, facilitate acrobatic positions and heighten your senses,” says O’Reilly. But at the same time, water can wash away her body’s natural lubrication, so O’Reilly suggests keeping silicone lube on-hand to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience.

7. Take a hike! “Find a secluded spot off the beaten track and try it in a standing doggie position against a sturdy tree,” says O’Reilly. “Be sure to hike well into the woods, as your sounds of pleasure can travel significant distances in the great outdoors.”

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8. Be discreet. You don’t have to undress all the way to have great sex al fresco. Make sure you ditch the belt that day, and even go commando if you feel so inclined, suggests Brame. She should wear a skirt or dress that makes things easily accessible. Sometimes it’s even sexier to just unzip your pants a bit and lift up her skirt so that people in the distance barely realize what you’re doing.