Cutbacks have meant that businesses are short-staffed these days, leaving you to do the work of two or even three people. Not that you’re complaining. Dodging the chopping block is more than 15.1 million of your fellow Americans have managed. You’re thinking, now is not the time to have a personal life.

But here I am. A regular sex kitten, and I’m eager to be pet, cuddled, and to get personal with you. Really personal. How do you keep up the superhero persona at the office and still manage to keep me? Here’s exactly what I want from you:

1) Naughty Notes
Sending a text under the conference table is the adult equivalent to passing note to a crush in school. There’s something so hot about receiving a text from someone you know is supposed to be in all-business mode. Even a quick, “I’m thinking of you” can set me tingling. I’ll be dying to find out exactly what you were thinking about. Perhaps I’ll even request a live demonstration later.

2) Channel Don Draper
Do you hear that? It’s women across America collectively sighing as Don loosens his tie at the end of his work day. While your first impulse might be to strip out of your power suit like it’s on fire the minute you get out of the office, show a tad bit of restraint, please! Even though you’re sick of wearing that striped noose, I’m not sick of ogling you in it. Not to worry, the pesky office attire will be giving way to your birthday suit in no time at all.

3) Use the Blackberry for Good, Not Evil
You are tethered to that thing like a mutt to a chain, so why not use it to remind you of scheduled recreational activities with me as well as meetings with the boss? I certainly deserve my own alarm and fifteen minute warning!

4) Save the Cat Naps for Later
If you know you aren’t going to be able to see me without passing out on me, hold off on that date. There’s nothing quite as distressing as a guy who can’t stay awake while he’s doing the deed. If it’s you I’ve set my sights on, I’ll wait for a day when you have the energy to devour me properly.

5) Attention, Undivided
Now that you have my full and undivided attention, can you give me yours? Women are perceptive creatures. If you’re worrying about work, I’ll see it written all over your face. Still can’t stop thinking about it? Incorporate it into our foreplay. Interlace tales from your crazy day with sexy scenarios for us to get crazy to.

6) Set a Date
Relax, I’m not talking about wedding bells here, just a little hang-out time. Even if the next free day on the horizon is two weeks from now, let me know that you’re looking forward to spending it with me. While you’re at it, give me something to fantasize about. Get specific, too! Tell me about something that you really want to do with (or to) me—the naughtier the better!

7) Talk the Talk
When it comes to simply finding great sex, chances are it’s just going to be easier for me than it is for you. So what’s setting you apart from the pack? You are, silly. Mix up your best moves in bed with intimate conversation. I’ll melt when I hear about your first time at summer camp and that pet turtle you adored so much as a kid. Don’t be afraid to let your personality get between the sheets from time to time.