Here’s a secret most women would never reveal: The best kissers in the world are the guys who kiss like girls. But that doesn’t mean you should stop being manly–just the opposite!

When it comes to turning us on, to igniting that urgent hunger of our mouths, to moving us farther down your body, you may need to tweak your technique slightly.

Lick your lips slightly within 60 seconds of approaching her lips. The extra moisture will keep your lips from seeming dry and help keep your lips from sticking to hers.

Note: There is no better lubricant than your own saliva, so don’t slather on the lip balm here. Bonus points for minty fresh breath, too!

Women love assertive grab-me-by-the-back-of-the-hair kinds of kisses. Do your own, more PC version and spontaneously kiss her mid-sentence. Make us feel irresistible–like you can’t wait to be with us.

Place your open hand on the side of her face, fingers at the nape of her neck, with the space between your thumb and index finger beneath her ear. The flesh-on-flesh contact is sexy, and since you’re not busy groping around, it gives us the impression that you’re not thinking about getting into our pants. (But we know you are, and believe me, we love it).

Eye contact is critical: Look at her as “deeply” as you can for two or three seconds. (Think the look of interest you have on a job interview, rather than a blank stare.) Translation: Mean it!

Once your dewy lips make contact, always close your eyes until the kiss ends. Nothing is creepier for a girl to see than a glaring eye staring back at her from only an inch away.

That slobber all girls hate usually comes at this point. To avoid it, don’t let your lips come into contact with any part of her face more than 1/4 inch away from her lips. Wet lips on wet lips is fine–it’s when those wet lips come into contact with skin on the face that it feels like we’re kissing a dog.

91% of women we polled voted in favor of the girl-on-girl technique. “Girls kiss more softly and slowly than guys, and their tongues move more smoothly in your mouth,” says Lily, 24, one of 1,700 women we spoke to who confirmed participating in sober and intoxicated girl-on-girl action.