Type: Swedish
What is it? The most common from of massage, it involves light fast m,ovement along the muscle surface
What it does: Improves circulation and helps you relax. If you just want to zone out for an hour, this is the right massage for you

Type: Deep Tissue
What is it? Similar to the Swedish, but more intense, reaching much deeper into your muscles and joints.
What it does: Relieves aches and soreness. Ideal if you want to relax yet have nagging injuries such as lower back pain.

Type: Shiatsu
What is it?
A form of Japanese healing hitting pressure points similar to those in acupuncture
What it does: Improves energy flow and eliminates stress. Try it if you’re curious about acupuncture but scared of needles.

Type: Thai
What is it? Imagine lying on a mat while therapist stretches key joints, such as the shoulders and hips.
What it does: Enhances flexibility. Rather than being relaxing, Thai massage is more like strenuous yoga session

Type: Hot Stone
What is it?
Just like it sounds: Therapist rub smooth, flat, heated stones all over your body.
What it does: Good for anyone who’s touch-sensitive or doesn’t enjoy the kneading motion f regular massage.