How can I last longer—besides replaying horror-film scenes in my head? -Josiah C., Baltimore, MD

Clearly, having to think nonsexy thoughts in the middle of sex is not an ideal way to enjoy the experience. And frankly, neither is freaking out about finishing too soon. A better idea is to slow down or even stop. If you feel yourself getting too close, pull out and just focus on pleasing her until you’ve calmed yourself enough to start again.

What’s the best way to make shower sex work?

What’s the best way to make shower sex work?

Tips to make it hot, not awkward.

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You can also “practice” on your own by masturbating and then stopping for a minute or so as you get close. Give yourself a moment to recover, then start again, stopping another few times before you finally finish. Doing this will help train your body to be able to get close but not come immediately.

Do remember, however, that while it’s important to last long enough for your girlfriend to finish, she doesn’t necessarily want you to last forever, so don’t overdo it.