There’s nothing like an out-of-town fling. The passion’s amped, since your time together is limited. And because there’s little chance you’ll ever see each other again, you truly get to live in the moment-no strings attached. In other words, it’s an almost perfect hookup. The only problem? Vacations come but once a year-if you’re lucky. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to forsake vacation sex just because you’re not going anywhere. Follow these four simple rules and we’ll have you scoring like a true road warrior, without ever having to pack a bag.

Go Where The Girls Are

You don’t have to trick a woman into bed. One glance at the cover of Cosmo should be proof positive that there are plenty of women out there looking for the same thing you are. You just have to find them. And that doesn’t mean going through the rigmarole of finding someone you think is hot and doing the dating dance, either. You can if you want. But if you’re looking for the kind of quick, no-strings-attached kind of fling that only seems possible on a trip, all you have to do is head to the Internet, where casual hookups are the norm.

Try the casual-encounters section of, or hook-up groups on sites such as Both allow you to search for an NSA (no-strings-attached) meeting. “These sites are an easy way to find someone who’s only interested in fun and to lay the groundwork before you get face-to-face,” says relationship author and flirting guru LaSara FireFox.

Think you might miss the thrill of the hunt? Skip the corner bar and head somewhere trendy. “You’ll have the best luck finding a girl in a place with an equal balance of men and women,” says Dr. Paul Dobransky, a psychiatrist who also teaches dating workshops.

Believe in Yourself

The best way to get her attention-and keep it for the night-is to be confident. “Confidence is the equivalent of getting her to drink three martinis,” says Robert Greene, author of The Art of Seduction. “You infect her with your own ease and comfort with yourself.”

Consider leaving your entourage behind, as well. “Being in a crowd is a bad idea,” says Dobransky. “It makes it less likely that women will approach you.” Besides, when you pick up women on vacation, you generally do it flying solo-so go out with one friend at the most, and make sure you split up for part of the night.

Read the Signs

Once you find a woman you like, strike up a conversation. “If you have enough confidence, you don’t have to be witty-a cheese-ball line could work,” says April Masini, author of Think & Date Like a Man. “If she responds in a positive way-with a smile or a verbal response-she’s given you a cue that she’d like to learn more about you.” It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say something. If she’s interested, she’ll bite (hopefully, literally).

OK, so now you’re talking. But how can you tell if she’s ready to crease your sheets? “Look for when the other person starts to mirror you physically,” says Greene. Cross your legs. Does she do the same? Scratch your ear. Does she do that, too? Bingo. She’s in. Then bring up sex in the conversation. If she’s into it, she’ll take the bait.

Cut the Cords

Avoid the relationship zone by not staying over, or by suggesting she go home after the deed is done. “You don’t have the emotional expectations built up, and you don’t need the morning-after conversation,” says FireFox. “You can have your fun, say you had a great time, thank her, and leave.”

Sound callous? Not really-chances are all she wanted from the encounter was a one-night stand, too.