This is why curious women crave more sex

Is she inquisitive and open to new experiences? If so, then you’re in luck.

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We bet right now you’re feeling pretty curi­ous yourself, huh? So here’s the deal.

Florida State University researchers asked 278 heterosexual newly­wed couples to keep a sex diary of the frequency and quality of their sex during a two­-week period. They also completed a personality profile measuring conscientious­ness, agreeableness, openness to experience, neuroticism, and extraversion.

When analyzed, the diaries showed that how frequently the couples had sex (the average was three to four times in two weeks) depended on the personality of the woman: In the couples who had sex the most often, the woman was more agreeable or open to new experiences. Inter­estingly, the man’s personality had no effect on frequency. (Hey—curious, not curious, neurotic, not neurotic—when are we not interested, right?) And since previous research shows that men usually want sex more than women, this supports the notion that women really are the sexual gatekeepers.

Moral: Love curling up with something soft and warm? Find a curious kitten to play with.