Next time you head to the gym for a workout, take your girlfriend with you. Don’t be surprised, though, if she has a better time than you. A new study estimates that 15 percent of women have experienced an orgasm during exercise. Tales of women having orgasms while doing yoga or riding bikes have been circling the Internet for years, but this is the first study to ask women in detail about the unexpected benefits of exercise. It took about five weeks for researchers to round up 370 women who had ever experienced an orgasmic workout—not just the runner’s high you feel after mile five. Of those, 124 admitted to having an orgasm, with the rest admitting they enjoyed some level of sexual pleasure. Women had orgasms during many kinds of activities, but the top pleasure booster—reported by 51 percent of the women—was abdominal exercises. This has led to the term “coregasm,” due to the engagement of the core abdominal muscles. Other activities that women may enjoy more than men—who rarely experience orgasm during exercise—include weightlifting, yoga, bicycling, running, and walking or hiking. Don’t expect your girlfriend to let on that she’s experiencing an orgasm during leg lifts. Most women reported feeling very self-conscious when this happened to them in public. Of course, you can always look for the telltale signs of exercise-induced orgasm. One woman even reported falling off the gym equipment when she climaxed. Now, what’s your excuse?