1) What is 60 Days to Fit?

60 Days to Fit is a fitness program that includes a split workout regimen, nutrition plan, instructional videos, and progress boosting tips for building muscle and gaining strength.

2) Where can I find the program?

The full program is downloadable on www.muscleandfitness.com

3) Is the 60 Days to Fit program free?

Yes, the program is available to everyone free of cost.

4) Do I have to take supplements with this program?

Supplementation is not required for results. However, adding the suggested supplements to the program will help accelerate results as well as aid in muscle recovery and growth.

5) What equipment do I need?

A fully functional gym is ideal to complete this program in its entirety.

6) Do I warm-up before lifting?

ALWAYS warm-up. Whether it is 5 minutes on the treadmill, some jump-rope, or an entire HIIT routine, make warming-up a priority before you hit the weights. Warming up your muscles and joints will allow you a better range of motion when performing exercises as well as help prevent injury.

7) What should I be doing for the “active rest” days?

Active rest days are perfect for getting in some extra cardio, stretching, foam rolling, or core exercises, to name a few. Follow BPI Sports on Facebook and Instagram for active rest day ideas and light workouts tailored specifically for 60 Days to Fit.

8) What if I don’t know how to perform an exercise (or have never heard of it)?

All of the exercises listed in the program are available to watch via video on www.muscleandfitness.com. Check them out before you hit the weights if you’re feeling unsure.

9) What if a certain exercise hurts my shoulder/knee/other body part?

NEVER push yourself to the point of injury. First and foremost, make sure you warm-up before performing any exercise. Tight joints and muscles are more prone to injury. If an exercise feels uncomfortable/painful on a specific joint, STOP DOING IT. Find an alternative exercise for that body part or do an extra few sets of an exercise that won’t bother you.

10) What is the nutrition guide and how will it affect my results?

The nutrition guide will be your building blocks to the program. You’ll see that every day consists of 7 meals, each meal rich in the good-for-you macronutrients (carbs, fats, and proteins). There are also suggestions for food swaps so you don’t get bored of the same food day in and day out. The

nutrition guide will show you how to calculate your macros and adjust each meal accordingly. All of the foods suggested in the guide have been specifically recommended because they are proven to fuel your muscles for maximum strength gains and maximum fat loss.

11) The amount of weight to use is not listed. How do I know how heavy to go?

Everyone’s body is different and therefore not everyone can lift the same amount of weight. Select a weight where you can perform the suggested amount of reps yet still feel challenged on the 1-2 reps. If you are supposed to do 8 reps and at the end of your set you know that you could have done more, then you need to go heavier on the next set. Conversely, if you need to do 8 reps but can only complete 6, rest for a moment, finish off the extra reps, and then go slightly lighter for your next set.