Day 9

Heading toward the homestretch, you’ll step it up with an advanced leg raise that calls for a rapid upward thrust with the hips – it’s akin to a more explosive version of the traditional leg raise, combined with a hip thrust. The alternating single-leg raise allows you to hit these same muscles but in unilateral fashion. The alternating birddog, or spinal crunch, is a very controlled movement that hits your entire abdominal complex, with an emphasis on your transverse abdominis and obliques.

Exercise Sets Reps
Leg Raise + Thrust 4 20
Alternating Single-Leg Raise 4 10 (each side)
Alternating Birddog or Spinal Crunch 4 10 (each side)

–Perform these exercises circuit-style, running through all exercises without rest, four times total.

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