Abs and Core Exercises

Cable Crunching, Ripped Abs

Get connected to a cable machine for these two killer ab, chiseling moves.

Cable Crunching, Ripped Abs

Looking for a new and challenging way to shred your midsection and tighten up your core? Then look no further then the cable station at your local gym. Used correctly, this multi-functional training machine can work wonders for your ab development and core strength

While primarily utilized for isolation moves, the cable tower can offer you a one-stop solution on your road to rock hard abdominals. These two ab blasting exercises will hit your oblique’s, and and lower abs hard. So grab a cable and get to work. 

Cable Side Crunches

  • Move cable to highest pulley position.
  • Stand or kneel with side to cable, reach up and grab handle with underhand grip.
  • Pull the handle down and crunch body to the side.
  • Once you reach maximum contraction, slowly release the weight to the starting position.
  • Maintain constant tension during the set.
  • Repeat on opposite side.
  • 4 x sets 15 reps - Last set to failure