Diego Sebastian didn’t always sport the chiseled physique you see here. The first time he stepped in a gym he was a 5’2″, 105-pound 14-year-old who wasn’t interested in lifting. “I didn’t really get into training until college,” he says. After his sophomore year, he hit 165, but he still needed to get stronger if he wanted to reach his goal of becoming a firefighter. “After four years of school, I went up to 200 pounds, and then I was a firefighter for three years,” he says. “But then I blew out my knee. So I just continued with the fitness stuff — training people and modeling.”

Now 6’4″ and 220 pounds, the 44-year old is most focused on eating right. “When you’re younger, you feel bulletproof,” he says. “When you get a bit older, you see the difference that clean eating makes.”

“When I focused on healthier eating, I absorbed the food much better,” he says. “Little things you take for granted—energy levels, sleep quality—they’ve gotten better. If I’m eating clean, I can tell the difference.”

Ab-Shredding Routine

Exercise Sets Reps
Weighted Decline Crunch 2 25
Weighted Leg Lift 2 25
Machine Crunch 4 100