The CrossFit craze has proven to be a lot more than just a craze with gyms popping up in every neighborhood, an already huge and growing following, and even its own annual event to crown the Fittest Man (and Woman) Alive. 

From these CrossFit stars, Rich Froning has emerged as the biggest name in the sport, winning the CrossFit Games in 2011 and 2012. He took a moment to talk to Muscle & Fitness from his home in Cookeville, Tennessee before he left for Chile for an event to answer questions from readers. 

Muscle & Fitness: Hey Rich! How is everything? Thanks so much for doing this. We got a lot of great questions from your fans.
Rich Froning: No problem, glad to help. Going good. Getting ready to go to Chile tomorrow for BSN.

Daniel Haas asks: “How do you get started as a CrossFitter?”
Rich Froning: I had a professor show me CrossFit videos when I working on my undergrad. Tried some workouts, got hooked, built a little set up in my Dad's barn… the rest is history.

Jackie Colson asks: “How do you best get motivated for a workout?”
Rich Froning: I just really enjoy working out.

Matt Carpenter asks: “What kinds of bodybuilding, powerlifting or isolation exercises, if any, do you incorporate into your workout schedule?
Rich Froning: Olympic lifts several days a week, Powerlifting the same… but no isolation movements.

Gaddiel Pizarro asks: “Can someone still look like a bodybuilder doing CrossFit alone?”
Rich Froning: Yes! Just lift heavy stuff a lot!

Derek Angerman asks: “In your diet, how many grams of protein are you taking in on a normal day?”
Rich Froning: No clue, I don't keep track of any of that stuff.

Quinn Fogel asks: “What do you normally take for pre- and post-workout supplementation? And what types of food do you eat after finishing a workout?”
Rich Froning: No pre-workout… I take Syntha-6, Amino-X, and cell mass occasionally. I just like food, so I eat whatever

BetaNOX Ultimate Energy asks: “Rich, are you completely Paleo?”
Rich Froning: Not paleo at all.
Muscle & Fitness: Is there any dieting philosophy you abide by?
Rich Froning: No, ha, but I don't really like bread or pasta so that helps.

Alex Bourgeois asks: “What’s the hardest WOD you ever did?”
Rich Froning: "Double Helen" from the 2010 Games… or the "Rope/Sled Push Workout" from this year’s Games.

Dennis Zuccolotto asks: “Would you consider playing a pro sport? I could see you as a fullback or a mixed martial artist.”
Rich Froning: I love sports so growing up I always wanted to play professional baseball or football! MMA… I don't do well with getting shot in the face!

Marco Antonio Morales asks: “Have you ever had an injury during your training? If so, how did you power through and succeed?”
Rich Froning: I screwed up my lower back after the 2010 CrossFit Games… KStar's helped me a TON

Bogden Kotzev asks: “How do you keep your joints healthy?”
Rich Froning: By working out ha! I take fish oil but other than that I just work on efficiency and body position, which usually protects my joints pretty well

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Ian Currie asks: “What specific movement/event in CrossFit gives you the biggest problems?
Rich Froning: Running… I just hate it.
Muscle & Fitness: I think the majority of our audience feels the same way.

Peyton Vickers asks: “Being a college student on a budget, I find it hard to have the necessary equipment to progress in CrossFit. What do you suggest?”
Rich Froning: Make the best of what you've got, use your college fitness center for the heavy lifts but then buy the necessities for conditioning—jump rope, dumbbells (they can double as a kettlebell), rings, stuff like that—and buy from Rogue.

Mohamed Alaa Noaman asks: “What’s the best CrossFit workout to increase my total body strength?”
Rich Froning: Squat/deadlift.

Richard Brown asks: “What are your top 3 tips are for making the transition from a high level of fitness to the next level in terms of physical performance? I have been at a high level for a while now but have stagnated and am struggling to get to the next level.”
Rich Froning: Determination, you have to want to be the best… Faith, believe in what you're doing…. Friends, surround yourself with people who are going to make you better.

Sig F Basilio asks: “Do you do CrossFit workouts every day? Any rest days or rest weeks?”
Rich Froning: Yes, and no, not really unless I'm traveling and have nowhere to work out. I feel awful after a complete rest day so I quit doing that.
Muscle & Fitness: Do you have "rest" days where you take it easier to recover? What's your routine like on those days?
Rich Froning: I always say I'm going to take it easier on a day, but it usually turns into one of my harder days ha! AirDyne or Row helps me recover.

Tim Zeddies asks: “How many rounds of Cindy is your best?”
Rich Froning: 31, I think.

CrossfitTyler asks: “Do you have any pointers on how to start a CrossFit gym?”
Rich Froning: Find good people to help you. Start small and outgrow your space!

Zach Rupp asks: “What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?”
Rich Froning: I've had several very great mentors… Best advice I have ever gotten… “Love God, Fear Nothing.”

Andrew Tugman asks: “What is your take on the future of CrossFit?”
Rich Froning: I believe it's here to stay! I'll do it for the rest of my life!
Muscle & Fitness: Are there any specific ways you think CrossFit will grow/change?
Rich Froning: I think the sky is the limit. I’m glad I am part of it!

Kevin Bailey asks: “Who is your favorite superhero/mythical creature?”
Rich Froning: Batman!! Or Captain America

Muscle & Fitness: Thanks so much for this. Have a great time in Chile tomorrow!
Rich Froning: Thank you!

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