The beginning of the week has most guys headed to the bench press in search of a stronger and bigger chest. However, body weight staples like the push-up and isolation exercises like the chest flye help to add volume to your chest routine and develop the shape and definition that guys desire. To help you round out your workout and build a Superman-esque chest, add this finisher to the end of your routine for an extra dose of volume.

How To Perform 

Set up a cable machine to perform chest flies. Select a weight you can perform 12-15 times with a moderate effort. Perform the entire set of push-ups before moving to the set of chest flies. Try to limit the amount of rest in between exercises to virtually nothing. For an added bonus, perform the flies at a slightly upward angle to increase the load on the chest. During the flies, keep your shoulders down and slightly depressed. Keep in mind, there is no rest between exercises. 

  1. Push-up (Hands shoulder-width apart, elbows pinned to sides), Reps: 10
  2. Chest Fly (Slightly upwards angle), Reps: 2
  3. Push-up, Reps: 8
  4. Chest Fly, Reps: 4
  5. Push-up, Reps: 6
  6. Chest Fly, Reps: 6
  7. Push-up, Reps: 4
  8. Chest Fly, Reps: 8
  9. Push-up, Reps: 2
  10. Chest Fly, Reps: 10

Once you can complete the entire circuit without any rest, add two reps to each set (starting at 12 and ending at 4 for push-ups and vice versa for chest flyes).