Full-Body Exercises

7 Jump Rope Skills to Build Killer Calves

Try these rope jumping techniques to turn your calves into cows while torching the fat.

jump rope

The Jumps

1.  Basic Jump

Easy to perform, and you can do it for longer intervals to get a good calf burn.

2. Front-to-Back

Your body has to dynamically stabilize as you’re moving your feet forwards and backwards, and this gives your calves an extra challenge, targeting more fibers.

3. Side-to-Side

Improves lateral quickness and explosiveness. Explosive movements can help improve definition.

4. Alternate Foot Step

Helps improve calve reaction time.

5. High Knee Step

Higher impact, so it improves calf strength.

6. Single Leg Jump

Great for explosiveness and strength because you’re putting all of your bodyweight on one leg.

7. Double Under

Higher jumps improve power and explosiveness.