When you think of a typical fat-burning workout, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

If you’re thinking of long cardio routines or boring treadmill sessions, think again. There’s a much more effective way to get that chiseled-physique.

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In fact, it has been proven that shorter workouts with varying levels of intensity can burn more fat than long steady state cardio routines. One study done by researchers at Laval University in Quebec, Canada found HIIT to be nine times more effective for losing fat than steady-state cardio. 

There are plenty of HIIT exercises you can do, so why the jump rope? What makes it so effective?

3 Steps to Rope Skipping Like a Pro

Not only is the jump rope portable and easy to use, but it offers some unique advantages. The jump rope gives you the ability to change the speed and intensity level of your workout instantaneously so you can take your interval training to another level for serious fat-scorching results. You can also quickly transition between skills, engaging different muscle groups dynamically and improving your coordination.

Want to add even more versatility to your training? Try mixing in some bodyweight exercises to create more engaging and more effective high-intensity fat burning circuits.

QUICK TIP: Try using a heavy jump rope to increase muscular activation and engage more muscle group.

The Workout

Complete this circuit five times, resting as little as possible.

Exercise 1 – 30 seconds of slower paced jumping. Try performing a simple skill like jump rope jumping jacks.

Exercise 2 – 30 seconds max effort jump rope sprints with high knees (as many rotations as possible in 30 seconds).

Exercise 3 – 30 seconds extended planks or mountain climbers.

This circuit will take you less than 10 minutes and is a great way to burn fat and get lean in 2016!