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You’d think that if an actor got to play an action hero whose body is completely prosthetic, he’d escape the usual rigors of torturous preproduction personal training.

Not so. Bobby Strom, who trained Joel Kinnaman for RoboCop didn’t let the fact that his client would be inside a robot suit for most of the film stop him from whupping Kinnaman’s ass with circuits that called for failure on every set. The purpose: Even if Kinnaman didn’t have to get huge and shredded, every last bit of size and strength he could gain would translate into the confidence of his performance.

During the shoot, the 6’2″ actor went from 182 pounds at 13.5% body fat to 186 at 9%, becoming, in essence, a finely tuned machine.


Kinnaman never repeated the same workout. This is a one-day chest and arms circuit. Choose weights you can do at least 15 reps with and take all sets to failure. Repeat four times; rest two minutes between circuits.

The Exercises

■ Concept2 Rower— five-minute warmup
■ Alternating DB Bench Press

■ Incline DB Flye
■ Dip (Hit failure, rest 15 sec., then repeat)
■ Barbell Curl

■ Alternating DB Curl