Experienced bodybuilders know there’s only one ironclad rule to follow: “Thou shalt not skip leg day.” (“Thou shalt put your weights away” is a close second.)

But in the ranks of competitive bodybuilding, pretty much everyone knows that leg workouts are essential for stimulating testosterone and developing a well-proportioned physique. If you want to really stand out on the competition stage, you’ll need to intensely polish up your leg aesthetics, and that can be difficult.

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With so many leg exercises to choose from, lots of lifters arrive at the same question: What are the best leg exercises for an aesthetics-minded lifter to do ahead of competition?

To get the scoop on the ideal leg exercises before your competition, we talked to Ridge Davis, C.P.T. (NCSF), the founder of Ridgid Fitness in West Hollywood, CA. Davis, a national-qualified NPC Men’s Physique Competitor and Puma-sponsored personal trainer, knows a thing or two about honing bodies for maximum aesthetic advantage.

Here are some of Davis’s favorite pre-competition leg exercises for bodybuilders.

Bulgarian Squat

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