It doesn’t matter if you’re aspiring to get your bodybuilding pro card or simply build the best body on the beach—abs are essential. But unlike, say, your delts or your biceps, your abs don’t simply show up just because you train them hard. If you want to see your abs, you need to create a plan that will completely strip away all the belly fat obscuring them, and you need to create a “workout for abs” program.

It’s no wonder the elusive six-pack are the ultimate symbol of fitness—your diet and your workout need to be on point for them to show up. And that’s especially true if you’re a bodybuilder preparing for a bodybuilding competition. Under the hot lights, the judges are scrutinizing your every feature, even the slightest physique flaw can seem glaringly obvious. That means that abs demand extra attention ahead of competition day.

To get some secrets of competition-ready abs training, we spoke to Ridge Davis, C.P.T. (NCSF), the founder of Ridgid Fitness in West Hollywood, CA, (and the owner of an impressive set of abs himself). A Puma-sponsored personal trainer and national-qualified NPC Men’s Physique Competitor, Davis knows firsthand all the steps and how to workout for abs.

Here are Davis’ 10 favorite abs exercises for bodybuilders looking to get a competition edge.