Most guys’ calves are in need of a serious overhaul. Big calf muscles separate the men from the boys. They are the epitome of the X-Frame, which is why it’s essential to nurture your calves into full grown bulls. One great way to build bigger calves is to make it through the 21-day calf challenge. 

The 21 Day Calf Challenge

There is a secret that many guys with killer calves don’t like other people to know — frequency.

This one little word is what’s holding you back from getting your calves to grow. You need to train them more than once per week in order to make them grow. This is where the 21 Day Calf Challenge originated. The premise is to challenge yourself and train your calves for 21 days straight.  If you can get through the pain, you will ignite growth in your calves that you’ve never seen before. This has been proved by guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Pearl, Steve Reeves, and Chad Waterbury.

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How to Do It

Using either the standing calf raise or the calf raise on a leg press, select a weight that is your 20RM (a weight that you could lift no more than 20 reps).  With this weight, you will have a goal number of total reps to do. 

Let’s use Day 1 as an example.  On this day, the goal number of total reps is 50.  Using your 20RM weight, do as many reps as possible in your first set (this should be about 20).  When you cannot get any more clean reps, rest for 60 seconds.  Repeat this process until you have reached 50 total reps.

Each day, increase the total number of reps by 1.  For example, on day 2, the goal is 51 reps.  On day 3, the goal is 52 reps.  By day 21, the goal is 70 reps.






Standing Calf Raise or

Calf Raise on a Leg Press

As few as possible

-50 total reps on Day 1

-Add one rep per day

-End on 70 total reps on Day 21

60 sec


*In the tempo column, you will notice 4 numbers. 

First Number (4) 

This dictates how many seconds to lower the weight (the eccentric). For example, if you are bench pressing, you will lower the weight 4 seconds to your chest.

Second Number (0)
This is how long you will hold the weight before raising it (before the concentric). If you are bench pressing, this would be how long you are holding the bar on your chest.

Third Number (1)
This is how long it takes you to raise the weight (concentric).  In this example, if you are bench pressing, the 1 means to lift for 1 second.

Fourth Number (0)
This is how long you will hold the weight at the extended position. In the bench press, this means arms at full length.

Wrap Up

You can do this workout as an add-on to your current workout routine.  If you choose to do standing calf raises, you can do them at home on a staircase while holding a weight.  Then, you can hit up the gym for your regular workout routine at another time that day. Alternatively, you may choose to perform the 21 Day Calf Challenge before or after your workout. It’s up to you. Accept this challenge and nurture your calves into full grown bulls.