You'’ve put your time in with lunges and squats, and you're now the proud owner of a backside that someone could crack an egg on (there are so few of us). But if your hindquarters drop off into a laughable set of stringy hamstrings, then what'’s the point of all your hard work? To really bring out your glutes/hams tie-in requires more than your rank-and-file lower-body machine routine can offer. Decide for yourself which of the following moves best inflates your hams up high—your jeans are depending on it.

Lying Leg Curl

The hamstrings cover two joints: the hip and the knee. No exercise allows you to isolate your upper or lower hammies, but certain moves let you focus on one or the other. Since the action here occurs at your knee joints (while your hips stay in place), your lower hamstrings handle the brunt of the work.

Romanian Deadlift

This underappreciated muscle-builder ensures that your upper hamstrings take on the lion'’s share of the load. This movement emphasizes the hamstrings'’ upper muscle fibers because you flex at your hips while your knees remain straight.