Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Rehab 101

Use these techniques to maintain and restore shoulder health, function and stability.


This is a 7-day, shoulder rehab protocol that can be implemented into your workout routine to help improve and restore the function and stability of your shoulders. This video will show you how to perform each of the circuit exercises mentioned in the weekly protocol below. Be sure to follow the rep and set counts for optimal results.

Weekly Protocol

Day 1:  Circuit 1
Day 2:  Circuit 2
Day 3:  Circuit 3
Day 4:  REST
Day 5:  Circuit 4
Day 6:  Circuit 5
Day 7:  REST

Each exercise in the circuit is completed for 12-15 reps and each circuit is done  1-3 times (runs).

Circuit 1:
DB Retractions
DB Protractions
Posterior Capsule Stretch

Circuit 2:
DB Cuban Rotations
Band External Rotations
Band Pull Aparts
Band Dislocates
Band Presses

Circuit 3:
Pull-up Retraction
Barbell Overhead Shrugs
Push-up Plus
Posterior Capsule Stretch

Circuit 4:
Incline DB Retraction
Prone “Y’s”
Prone Internal Rotations

Circuit 5:
EQI Push-ups
Prone “T’s”
Plate Halos

Extra Exercises that Can Be Substituted in the Circuits

DB Internal / External Rotations
EZ Curl Cuban Rotations
EZ Curl Cuban Presses
Band Abduction / External Rotations

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