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A New Scheme for Greater Muscle Gain

Find the right workout split to maximize your training efforts.

A New Scheme for Greater Muscle Gain

Finding the right workout split for myself has been a long, ongoing process for quite a few years. I’ve tried almost everything from high volume to low volume, full body to body part split, isolation to compound. The list goes on and on.

With every man and his dog having a fitness blog and different views it’s hard to know who to trust and believe. One guy says high reps, another one says low. One guy says go to failure, another says don't.

Like I said, I’ve managed to try a lot of different methods with some success from each of them. As a result,  I decided to morph them all together into one program. I performed an upper / lower split with a heavy, light and medium set and rep scheme.

This heavy, light, medium scheme was popularized by Pavel in many of his programs, especially the well-known Enter the Kettlebell. However, I put a little ‘bodybuilding thinking’ into the scheme. Here's how it looks.

Workout Scheme:

Heavy - 3-5 reps.

Light - 8-12 reps.

Medium - 6-8 reps.

Weekly Workout Schedule: 

Monday - Rest

Tuesday – Medium / Upper body

Wednesday – Medium / Lower body

Thursday – Light / Upper body

Friday – Light / Lower body

Saturday – Heavy / Upper body

Sunday – Heavy / Lower body 

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