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Conquer most any adventure race with this new and improved four-week training plan.

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Obstacle course racing is one of the fasting rising sports in the nation; and the rise in popularity of adventure and obstacle races makes accessibility a non-issue.

Whether you’re an obstacle newbie or veteran racer, we’ve got the training plan to prepare you for any 3-5 mile obstacle race course. Designed by owner/founder of Epic Hybrid Training and elite Reebok Spartan Racer Alex Nicholas, this four-week training program is a surefire way to finish a race fast.

“The exercises get you ready for an obstacle race by targeting strength, endurance, intensity, agility, stability, flexibility, balance and coordination,” says Nicholas. “Obstacle race training is extreme functional fitness so you have to train both your mind and body.”

Are you ready to challenge yourself like never before? Start developing all the necessary skills to conquer your next race with this full body obstacle race training plan.

Workout Plan Directions

Do workouts A-D all in one week. Then, repeat the next week.


  • Workout A Warmup - Light Yoga for 4 minutes and an incline treadmill power hike for 5 minutes. 
  • Workout B Warmup - Complete as many bodyweight squats as possible in thirty seconds. Repeat for 6 total sets. 
  • Workout C Warmup - Jog for one mile in less than 10 minute and go on an incline power hike for 5 minutes.
  • Workout D Warmup - Complete a light 5-minute jog and follow with 4 minutes of light yoga.  

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Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4