Anyone who has ever participated in an obstacle course race (OCR) knows how demanding it can be. To successfully complete any OCR, it’s imperative to get your body prepared correctly. OCRs consist of an array of mentally- and physically-punishing obstacles that will test your limits.

With a barrage of brutal exercises that enhance strength, endurance, balance and coordination, we’ve created a training program that will put you in position to crush any 3-5 mile obstacle race, whether you’re a newbie or an OCR veteran.

M&F’s Zack Zeigler accepted the challenge of tackling this four-week program; and to help conquer each intense workout, Zack fueled up with Ascent Protein. It’s new to the market, and we wanted to find out if it had the firepower to propel Zack to the finish line.

Zack Plus Product

The Endurance Race Workout

Every day you perform this Endurance Race Workout, it’s going to challenge you. It’s a four-week, four-days-a-week training program to help you conquer tough obstacle course races. Each workout starts off with a quick warmup followed by a series of movements that mimic those you’d be using on the obstacle course. Zack says, “It’s going to help with flexibility, endurance and strength. You never know what you’re going to need out there. You could be running around, jumping, pulling, diving, crawling.” Most of the workouts are circuit training that you’re doing for time, so be sure to move through them as fast as possible without putting yourself at risk of injury.

For this training program, you’ll need a jump rope, floor mat, kettlebells, pullup bar and treadmill. “You know, when you’re training for bodybuilding and you’re training for specific body parts, you’re going to want to just target those body parts—say your lats, or your biceps, or your quads. Whereas when you’re training for an obstacle race, you want to make sure that your whole body, head to toe, is going to be trained since you’re going to be using everything when you’re running it. You’re teaching synergy with your body parts when you’re training everything altogether, and not just pinpointing one body part to work.”

Do workouts A-D all in one week. Then, repeat the next week. Get the full workout HERE.

Zack’s Final Verdict:

“The workout: it’s intense, it’s hard, and by the end, if you’re not hungry, you will be shortly after. I mean, you can tell I just went through it. I’m drenched. It just leaves you completely taxed head to toe”.


The Fuel: Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein

With a workout that is this intense, you need to give your body what it needs, when it needs it—and protein ranks at the top of the list. Quality protein is a post-workout essential that provides fuel to help muscle repair and recover, as well as delivering key amino acids for stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein is protein at its purest. It’s made with native whey, which is the least-processed protein, filtered directly from high quality milk.

Zack on Ascent Protein

“There are no artificial ingredients. And they have something called native whey, which means it’s the least-processed whey. I like that. I also like that there’s not a laundry list of ingredients that are in it. It’s simple. I want my products basic. And stuff that works.”

Fueling Your Workout

Throughout the 4-week program, try taking one scoop of Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein post-workout to help with recovery, or you can take it any time for a protein fix. Each scoop of Ascent serves up 25 grams of protein—as much protein as a small chicken breast, ¾ cups of Almonds or 4 large eggs—with no artificial ingredients. Mix one scoop in a shaker cup, blend it with your favorite ingredients, bake it; however you do it, you will be getting quality protein from natural ingredients to help you conquer the toughest of workouts.

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