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The Procrastinator's Guide to a Hard Body

Spent your winter getting lazy and fat? Don'’t fear, you can still build a killer body in time for summer with our fast muscle-up program.

The Procrastinator's Guide to a Hard Body

The signs of spring are everywhere. Meadows festooned with wildflowers. The lazy thwack of exhibition baseball. Girls Gone Wild at spring break, and willing to be filmed in the process by Snoop Dogg. The gentle passing of winter... which means shedding your clothes... which means revealing your body... which means... Yikes.

Unless you want to be approached at the beach by the film crew of Guys Gone Fat, you probably have some major work to do right about now, and one month in which to do it. The good news is, if you follow this admittedly demanding program to a T, there'’s time left for you to hit the beach with a V-taper, perhaps even a six-pack.

This four-week training program, designed by m&f resident science expert Jim Stoppani, PhD, combines fast-moving weight workouts with high-intensity cardio sessions to help you burn off fat while main-taining the muscle hibernating beneath.

Meanwhile, a conventional diet won'’t do for this tight timeframe. Instead, you need the sort of crash course bodybuilders take before contests to achieve the results they display onstage, modified for a noncompetitor who wants to lose a dramatic amount of bodyfat posthaste, and safely. For this, we recruited Todd Swinney, a bodybuilding contest-prep guru who has helped everyone from pro bodybuilder Kevin Levrone to fitness competitor Stacy Simons for shows.

Follow this muscle-pumping, fat-burning formula to the letter, and you'’ll be looking for any excuse to shed your shirt this summer.

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