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The Secret Service Agent Workout Routine

You might not recognize him, but you've seen Dan Bongino lurking in the background of more pictures than you'd think.


Secret Service

Which professional fighters have you trained with?
I trained with Matt Serra for six years and I had him down at the Secret Service Training Center where he taught Control Tactics to instructors. I also trained with his brother Nick Serra. I trained with Pete Sell, who was a UFC fighter, and Joe Scarola from the Ultimate Fighter. I rolled around with Randy Couture at the training center and he was teaching all of the latest and greatest techniques. I’ve trained with a lot of these guys over the years.

What is one story about MMA training that sticks in your head?
Rolling with Couture was pretty much the highlight of my grappling career. He was incredible. We had very skilled Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guys with purple and brown belts, world-class collegiate wrestlers, and great stand up guys and Couture just took on a class of about 25 people like in a round robin. I had been grappling at that point for over 10 years and it took him about two minutes to get me in a kneebar.

Have you ever considered a career in the fitness industry such as a personal trainer or fitness model?
It’s something when I was younger I thought about but my first love is politics and economics. Maybe when I retire I’ll help a few folks out. I’ve given quite a few seminars on nutrition science and working out. The real battle is with the knife and fork.

Dan Bongino

Have you worked out with President Obama or President Bush?
By the time I was on the President’s detail, it was near the end of George W. Bush’s Presidency and he was biking. I’m an okay biker but you had to be really skilled to be on that Bike Detail. I didn’t work out with President Obama. He pretty much sticks to the gym in the White House.

Have you played basketball on the White House basketball court?
No, we would watch the President shoot around and watch the games. None of the agents really shoot hoops with him. We’ve been on the court with him hours at a time. He’s pretty good. He’s got some skills.

Any other cool story related to fitness and the Secret Service?

President Bush had quite a few guys bike with him who were in very good shape. One of them was a coach in the National Football League. President Bush beat this guy pretty good on the bike. We were driving in the truck and I remember at least four or five times looking out of the back of the truck and saying, “Hey, do you need help?” The President was three or four miles ahead of him.

What other projects should readers look out for from Dan Bongino?
We owned an MMA footwear company called Grapple Socks that was born out of necessity. One day, I injured one of my toes grappling and I thought to myself “Why not just invent a toe sock for grappling and put a sole on it”? So that is what we did. We sold quite a few but given the intensity of the campaign schedule I had to put the company on hold. We’ll start it back up after this is over. 

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