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Test Your Power and Strength With 'Nancy'

Good at only one thing? This CrossFit WOD will expose all your weaknesses.

Test Your Power and Strength With 'Nancy'

I’ve met plenty of guys who were strong but not fast. Guys who were fast but not powerful. And more than a few who had boatloads of power trapped inside a crappy physique. Specializing in one area of training leaves you vulnerable in other areas you might not even be aware of. The founding principle of CrossFit is that nature abhors a specialist; but most athletes become specialists over time, practicing the things they are already good at. The only way to correct the deficiencies that arise as a result is to attack weak spots head-on.

The three most glaring problems I see over and over in clients are a lack of core strength, stability, and aerobic ­capacity. I should know: When I competed in amateur strongman competitions, I became known for overhead pressing. I was a one-dimensional athlete with a ton of room for improvement. Over the course of the next three years, I dedicated myself to fixing these areas and becoming a more well-rounded athlete.

This month’s challenge workout is a CrossFit classic: “Nancy.” I’ve chosen it because it will demand more from the typical problem areas: Overhead squats will test your core strength and stability, and combining them with the run will just about make your lungs bleed.



"The first time I tried Nancy, it was a brutal, humbling experience that exposed all my weaknesses."

5 rounds for time
- 400m Run
- Overhead Squat x 15 at 95 lbs.

Rob OrlandoRob Orlando is the owner and head trainer of Hybrid Athletics in Stamford, CT. 

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