Don Saladino may have had to shut the doors to his NYC-based gym, but he’s been staying active. Along with cranking out episodes of the Reps podcast with M&F’s chief editor Zack Zeigler, he’s also been offering free workouts on his Instagram channel (@donsaladino) and on M&F‘s Instagram page, including this bodyweight lower-body workout routine.

“My gym’s closed, and we’re all at home in this whole new environment. It’s terrible that people are sick, but those of us at home, this has forced us into a good situation with our fitness,” he says.

The lower-body bodyweight workout:
Saladino says: “This lower-body workout features a combination of mobility warm-up at the beginning of three movements and three series of supersets. It’s not high-rep. I don’t do that for explosive movements.”

Why it’ll get your stronger:
Saladino says: “We’re forced off of the leg press and leg extensions, and it’s forcing us to have to use our bodies and our own mechanics to start developing things like stability and flexibility. This workout will get your cardio endurance up and enabling you to create time under tension through techniques like quarter reps. Also, I used tension techniques.”

Added benefits:  
Saladino says: “There’s at least one movement that’ll throw a curveball, whether it’s a hip airplane or lateral bound—something that’ll force the person doing it to move in a way they haven’t since they were a kid. I think the workout will definitely be humbling and it might open some eyes to the fact that they mean that they may actually need more of this style of training.”