Most guys who have picked up a kettlebell at any point in their training have learned how to do a proper kettlebell swing. From there, the other kettlebell exercises added to the repertoire tend to be the kettlebell clean, the kettlebell snatch, and maybe the Turkish get-up. But too many times the learning ends there, as do the benefits of kettlebell training. Keep your progress rolling and get greater muscle growth with the three unique exercises listed below.

Repeat all moves for the same number of reps on each side. The kettlebell is a unique training apparatus. Its asymmetrical load sets it apart from a dumbbell, which is perfectly balanced. Therefore, the more kettlebell exercises you employ in your routine, the more you’ll keep your muscles guessing—and growing.

The Exercises

1. Gladiator Press

Hold a side plank position on your left hand or elbow on the floor, your right leg raised, and a kettlebell racked at your right shoulder. Press the kettlebell toward the ceiling.

2. Anyhow

Holding two kettlebells, press the right one overhead and lower the left one to the floor as you squat low. Stand upright, clean the left bell to your shoulder, and press it overhead.

3. Overhead Walking Lunge

Press two kettlebells overhead and perform walking lunges, dropping your back knee to the floor with each rep. Tense your core muscles as you walk while keeping your elbows locked out.

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