Max Shank, owner of Ambition Athletics in Encinitas, CA, has crafted a yoga-influenced sequence of joint mobilization to heighten flexibility and minimize risk of injury. He stresses the importance of staying active and not falling into the pitfalls of today’s “sedentary society”. Whenever you can, but specifically before a workout, Shank suggests completing this five-step joint mobilization cycle to keep your joints loose, limber, and ready to exert energy. His instructions are as follows.

How it works:

Not taking your joints through their full range of motion—which is common nowadays in our sedentary society with a “sitting epidemic”—will lead to a buildup of calcification that creates stiffness. This five-step mobilization routine combats this by prioritizing a full ROM with your joints.

Why it works:

In addition to accumulating 35 minutes of extra movement per week, “the frequency with which you do something (e.g., swinging a golf club five minutes every day versus one hour on a Sunday) is more critical for improvement. It’s like compounding interests,” Shank explains.


Perform each move for 10 reps before moving on to the next.