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60 Day Revolution Motivation Tips

60 Day Revolution Motivation Tips

We tapped into some of the best resources in the fitness community to provide some quick, motivational advice to help push you through the 60 Days. Strengthen your mind and supplement your body with these surefire recommendations during your 60 day journey.

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Sports psychology expert and author of The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive has some tips on how you can reach your fitness goals:

Decide to Commit

Motivation is what gets you going, but commitment is what gets you to the finish line. Champions are committed, others are just involved. Decide that you have no choice but to succeed.

Embrace Discomfort

We’re conditioned that if we’re uncomfortable something is wrong, but it means something is right. We’re being challenged and pushed. Breathe into the pain or discomfort and realize it’s only temporary, and that pleasure and pride are on the other end.

Talk Yourself Up

The mind controls everything else. Use strong body language and positive self-talk to keep going when you don’t feel motivated.

Outthink Your No. 1 Excuse

“I don’t have the energy” is the main excuse you’ll give yourself to skip a workout. But you’ll have have more energy after the workout and you’ll feel better about having done the work.

Make it a Game

Think of the first two weeks as the preseason, the following four weeks as the regular season, the next three weeks as the playoffs, and the final week as the championships.


The former Navy SEAL Team Commander and author of Be Unstoppable: The Eight Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything has these tips to help you get over the line.

Control the Controllables

Focus on what you can control: your body, your brain, and your attitude. If you take out the laws of physics the only two limitations we have are our own imagination and determination.

Do It for Yourself

Don’t kill yourself trying to achieve an arbitrary goal that sounds cool to other people. You’re not doing it for other people, you’re doing it for yourself.

Small Steps

Most people throw a goal into one big heaping dose. and then they get frustrated and give up because it’s too overwhelming. When you start defining the elements [of the goal] and breaking it down into bite-sized pieces that you can complete each day, the goal becomes manageable.




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